Buy tax liens

If you are looking for a way to make money and get rich buying tax liens is the best option in this economy. With the stock market doing mad cartwheels you'd be crazy to try and time it to make some money. When you buy tax liens you are getting more than a piece of paper which is what a stock or bond is more or less, you are getting an investment guaranteed by the tax man himself. When property owners don't pay their property taxes on time, cash strapped counties need a way to get these funds to pay for essential services like, police, fire and ambulance. County's by law cannot run a budget that is in a deficit so they need to recoup these funds, the way they do this is by assigning a lien on the property owner and selling the lien to the general public by holding an auction.

tax lien certificates

When you attend a public auction and buy tax liens the county transfer the ownership of the lien to you. What this means to you is the property owner now must pay you back the amount of taxes outstanding plus interest, yes interest. By law the holder of tax lien certificates are entitled to both the amount outstanding plus interest at a rate of 8-25% depending on the state and county. If the property owner pays the amount owing by the redemption date then you are obliged to remove the lien and enjoy your new found wealth. Now tax liens redeem at 97% but the 3% who do not pay not pay their taxes by the redemption date you can foreclose on the property and take sole ownership.

One of the secret benefits of buying tax liens is you win either way. Option number is they pay their taxes plus outstanding interest and you get it all or they do not pay by the redemption period then you foreclose on the property and own it. You can either rent it our and generate passive cash flow plus build equity or you can sell the property and pocket a huge profit. We have heard from many people buying tax liens at $1,000 and sold the home for $75,000 you can begin to see how this will benefit your own financial situation.

If you are wondering why no one is promoting the option to buy tax liens the primary reason is there is no profit in it for them, The tax sales take place at auctions held by the county and since no one is a broker or earning a commission on the sale there is no incentive for them to make you aware. The rich have been aware of this opportunity for years and have been cashing in on it, isn't about time you start to have your piece of the American dream by being debt free and wealthy.

Buy tax liens

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